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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Ive been thinking about this for a while now. It ties to my Madara/tobi=the juubi theory.

Lets say after madara awakened the EMS he went back and looked at the Rikudou tablet and it said soemthing shoking. It said "the Juubis power was passed on to the elder son and caused his lust for power. Realising this the younger son fought and defated the elder by placing a seal on the elders doujutsu which the juubis power found an outlet. By placing this seal on the RG the ripple disapeared and three tomoe appeared in theyre place".

Madara realising his SG/MS/EMS is just a sealed version of the RG which is why he was able to awaken more power as the seal of the MS was Broken, thus achieving an Eternal MS. Madara thought of fully breaking the seal.

Also, by realising the juubi (the complete ultimate bijuu) runs through his veins. He cut his hand and used the summoning jutsu and low and behold. He SUMMONED THE KYUUBI (this is how madara could summon the kyuubi then control him with tsukuyomi).

But as u know. Before madara could continue in his goal to unlock more about the SG/RG Origins. He lost to shodiame and once his chakra was too low to supress the pure juubi cursed chakra running through his veins, using his eyes as a medium. The juubi took over and has been mascarading as him, creating akatsuki all so his other halves can be reunited and he can become complete again.

I also would Imagine that once the juubi leaves madaras body, the orginal madara is still in there and will return and perhaps be able to tell what the juubis be up to since he took over in detail.
The only problem i have with this is the fact that Kyuubi says uchihas are more sinister than him. Both Rikoudo and Nagato sought peace and were not sinister at their core. So how did the sharingan become more sinister than RG after it was sealed. Logically it should become less sinister after sealing.
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