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Re: 489 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by freedom07 View Post
dude ive been waiting for that quote for so long

all those months you used the line that zetsu say as proof to naruto >sasuke
ive been sitting on the side lines because i partly agreed..kishi did write it

but regardless to why naruto said it and how much he knows what sasuke can do
he still said it and kishi wrote it was a serious thing coz the background was black
also the zetsu quote can be contested because zetsu compared sasukes strength when vs itachi to narutos strength after pain
he never saw the 8 tails fight otherwise he woulda known that 8 tails got away plus he woulda saved sasuke from the near deaths

plus the thing naruto hiding isnt something we dont know
hes hiding the truth about itachi from everyone
No its not the truth about itachi naruto saw something more when they clashed trust me there's a meaning to it...

don't you think its weird how he said "i couldn't beat him" when they met even though sasuke was at like 10% strength fucking neji could have beat sasuke in that state...

Naruto's hiding something

Im not dying that sasuke isn;t stronger now he prob is but not for the reason naruto said it. when zetsu said it it had meaning he watched the fight there was nothing hiding naruto is... im not gonna argue this.

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