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Re: Naruto wasn't talking about "not being able to beat sasuke"

(Reactions to Zetsu's Naruto/Sasuke comment)
Naruto fans: Zetsu sed it! Zetsu sed it and he is reliable cuz Kishi rote it so Naruto>>>Sasuke!! Manga fakst!!!
Sasuke fans: Nuh uh! He sed probably!!! PROBABLY don't meen ANYTHING!! Sasuke can't lose! Manga fakts!!

(Reactions to Naruto's comment)
Sasuke fans: MANGA FAKTS!!! NARUTO SED HE WOOD LOOSE TO SASUKE!! HAHAHA now Sasuke h8rs can suck it!!
Naruto fans: It doesnt meen tht!! Naruto ment it anuther way!!! Sasgay cudn't beet Naruto!!!

(My reaction to watching this nonsense take place)
.....OR.....they are fictional characters in a shonen manga where the main character will emerge victorious in the end, and all this bs about whos' better is a waste of time.

Manga facts.
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