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Re: Naruto wasn't talking about "not being able to beat sasuke"

let me break this down for you. word for word.
I=Naruto Namikaze
Cant=Unable to
Defeat=win, or even cheat to come out on top
Sasuke=Narutos obvious superior
current=right now
now lets put it together.
"I, naruto Namikaze, am a fail, and i am unable to win or even cheat to beat sasuke at the location of sasukes strength right now, even though he just embaressd 6 kages 90 samuri and 45 jounin.and cant see. I should consider my slef an embaressment to konoha and the senju clan, but wait, konoha and the senjus are already an embaressment, so im just upholding the standards of sucking."-Naruto.....fails

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