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Re: Vote for This!!!!

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
That's thanks to the massive amount of market share consoles have. Developers are now making games for consoles and porting them to the PC as an after thought.

Stop being a whinny pussy, either get DX10 for XP, or throw a second hard drive into your rig and get to dual booting XP and Win7.
It still don't work with the DX10 for XP,I guess i have no choice but to install win7.

Also am already working with two hard drives but i just hate to install more than one system.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Just get a ps3. That way you can play games with me.
I already have this plan as a 2nd priority,because my 1st is to collect some funds to spend over some awesome Egyptian shit and ship them overseas to your address. I was trying to make the package deliver to you next week in your birthday but that seems impossible to accomplish. much will it coast to send a 1 kg mail from the US to Canada?

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