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Re: Vote for This!!!!

I've already tried reasoning with her but god..she's dump. I was like "Hey there is an awesome manly friend of mine overseas whos looking forward to make you his pride so pack your shit and go before he changes his mind,You welcome"

And she was like "But i can't just leave my friends and my country and..."

"Your friends will ditch you whenever they find a guy half as manly,And your country doesn't even want you,The government put cancerous elements in vegetable and water to decrease our massive population so cut the bullshit"

"But my english is so weak,i wont be able to communicate with him"

"Will that's not a problem,As long as you know those 3 key words (wash,bed,sandwich) Every thing else will be self explanatory,Like when he say "wash" while pointing at his car means (wash car) pointing at some meat and cheese with the word sandwich means (Cheese steak sandwich),pointing at his..oh will you know how it goes"

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

"It was my mistake from the beginning to try convince a fool like you with something,I'll be talking to your father"

I left while she was bitching with some shit i didn't recognize,Agreement isn't really necessary from bitches here since fathers know whats better for there kids and her father is awesome..i know he'll let things slip if i gave him a sizable amount of money but in this case,shipment's cost will be on you.

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