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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Well since the juubi lived inside of RS its possible that the juubi caught wind of RS's plot to split him then Imprison his body for all time. Or, just incase RS's would try to kill the juubi. The juubi waited fro RS to mate and when he did, the juubi snuck some of his power into the process which would allow the child to be born with it so the juubi could live on and one day become strong enough to regain awareness and revive himself COMPLETLY as madara said.

Lets compare evidenc for Uchiha=juubis power.

1. The juubi had tomoes that were specificly his, not RS's. yet, the Uchiha didnt get ripple of a RG. They Got Tomoe of the Juubis inctead.

2. Even the kyuubi recognized that sasukes just like madaras chakra was even more sinister then his. And by simple elimination, there can be only one other chakra like that. The JUUBIS!!!!

3. The Uchihas have be called cursed since the beggining, but why? Its because htey are the vessles for the juubis tainted, power lusting power. So as long as they exsit they will try to attain more and more power. Even by going so far as to kill theyre best friends for the MS. Then by killing theyre siblings for the EMS.

4. Last but not least. The Uchihas power of the SG is able to supress the bijuu themselves. But how?? Only by the SGs power being tied to the bijuu could such a thing be possible IMO. Only because the SGs power is that of the original bijuu (the juubi) is it capable of subdueing bijuu at its weakest level of basic SG.

these r actually some nice proofs....i mean these actually make it look theory
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