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Future Manga Predictions Thread

Alright. This thread is about making predictions on future manga events.
Like the 4th ninja war, Kakashi becoming Hokage, the growth of Sakura, Naruto vs Sasuke, etc..

One thing. NO BULLSHIT PAIRINGS IN THIS THREAD. If you want to pair manga characters so bad. Take it to the weekly predictions thread. Not this one. Kishimoto has NO intention of pairing manga characters at all. If you want proof. Go look for the 2007 and 2008 Interviews.

Also. No faggot trolling or flaming in this thread. I would like to see everyone post their predictions or theories based on the manga.

Thank you.

Now lets begin with Madara and Sasuke.

Sasuke will go to the Hidden Rain, Fight Konan, but won't kill her. He will run into Kabuto. Face him, but he won't die. Make preparations to go to Konoha and kill the elders.

Madara will collect the Rinnen'gan from Nagato's corspe. He will fuse the Rinnengan with his Sharingan to awaken a new power. Thus, he will become a troublesome villain by having his power restored.

The Seven and Five tails will be summoned and controlled by Madara to attack the Hidden Cloud. Zetsu and Kisame will gang up on Killerbee.

As for Naruto. He will return to Toad Mountain.

This is a prediction.

Feel free to predict.
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