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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by MajorStranger View Post
He is speaking of a animated character being gay while there's never been any proof of him being so.
Yeah dude,Because i too collapse like this whenever my "friend" is in danger. For a 16 y/o boy to get a HEART ATTACK,he must be under a huge stress so friendship my ass. The guy is in love.

Originally Posted by MajorStranger View Post
For him to see Naruto that way must be a part of his subconscious telling him himself about his homosexuality.
Yeah fanboys have been trying to use this retarded logic ever since the creation of this thread. Try something else.

Originally Posted by MajorStranger View Post
Have you seen Band of brothers? Bunch of faggot. They are all willing to jump on a grenade for the next guy. They must be lovers if they do that right?
Will i don't really remember anyone trying to prove naruto's gayness for sasuke by the times naruto jumped in to save sasuke from danger like when he saved him from oro's giant snake back in the chunnin exam,Or when he saved him from garra's attack in the woods when sasuke was unable to move cause of the cursed seal.

Saving your comrades in the battle field isn't something to prove or disprove one's sexual desires. Your sarcasm is retarded.
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