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Re: Future Manga Predictions Thread

Originally Posted by Sniper View Post
Thanks Ero.
MY Prediction:
What could of happen was that Kushina is more of a ninjutsu user and also known the death god technique.

Madara was controlling the Fox

Fox was attacked. Therefore. Kushina and Minato could of used the death god at the same exact time. Minato rips half of the Kyuubi, into Naruto he seals. Kushina seals Minato into Naruto as well and she along with the Kyuubi go into the death god stomach.

OR some other complex sealing jutsu could of been thrown into the mix.
OR... based on the 3rd use of the death god sealing technique to seal the zombie 1st, zombie 2nd and Orochimaru's arms within himself in exchange for his life, Minato (aka the fourth) was able to modify the death god to transfer and seal half the kyuubi into Naruto and the other half within himself in exchange for his life. I don't know why people think the other half is anywhere else.

The interesting point to any of this is that Naruto apparently only have half the kyuubi - yet it seems to be enough to make him a full fledge jink. Is it that Naruto contains the kyuubi's essence and what does that mean for Madara's plan of sealing all the tailed beasts, given that Naruto apparently only has half of one.

That and how Minato managed to fight Madara, the Kyuubi and have his baby boy close enough to the fight to transfer the chakra. This needs proper treatment to make sense.
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