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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

I can picture it now:

Kabuto: Orochimaru had plans to crush the ninja world and gain knowledge of all ninjutsu - I aim to take up his work. As you can see, I have come far in a short time. But I cannot do it alone. In exchange for my services in your little war, I want access to all the scrolls and secrets collected.
Madara: Hmmm... a fair proposal. But I didn't much trust Orochimaru, I'm not sure I can trust you.
Kabuto: Fair enough; but do you really have a choice? As you see, I'm the one who really controls Akatsuki nin now.
Madara: Yeeaaahh... about that; could you perhaps put those away. Especially that one, I don't wa-
Sasuke, entering: Yo, Madara! The effects of the surgery are wearing off. I can see ag-- <shock>
Madara: Uh oh... here we go.
Sasuke: BROTHER!!! You're alive!! Thank god! (runs over and hugs the Itachi summoning)
Itachi: ...
Madara: Sheesh...
Kabuto: Uh... Sasuke... that's...
Sasuke, crying: I never thought I'd see you again! I got revenge for you! I killed Danzo! Now we can take out the rest of Konoha together as Brothers and regain our glory!
Kabuto: This is kinda awkward; can you do something, Madara?
Sasuke: And after that, you can finally teach me those shuriken techniques you promised...
Madara: ME?! Do something? Look - I only manipulated him so he'd not only take Itachi's eyes to gain eternal mangekyo sharingan but also become a wanton force of destruction! You're bonehead to summoned his brother! Now he's a bluthering mess of feelings and brotherly love?! What the HELL am I supposed to do with that?!
Sasuke: whimper sob sniff
Kabuto: Did I mention that Orochimaru also really wanted to possess the sharingan?
Madara: Sigh... I can't believe I need people like this... you'd think after all this time...
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