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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

This one’s kind of long this week.

Another Specialist Prediction

-That Jutsu!

(The scene starts off where last chapter ended.)

Madara: You, join me? Your jokes fall upon deaf ears.

Kabuto: I’m actually very serious. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. I believe that’s how the old saying goes.

(Madara glances over at his resurrected crew. The caskets fall over, the crew looks at each other, turn to face Kabuto, and then finally turn to face Madara.)

Itachi: This abominable reality. I take it’s the handy work of Edo Tensei. Madara, as much as it pains me to look at you, fate forces me to do such. (Nagato turns to face Kabuto.)

Nagato: You must be Orochimaru’s underling. How troublesome that I must answer to the likes of you.

(Kabuto smirks after hearing that response.)

Deidara: Tobi, I thought you died. But, I hear that you’re actually Madara from the sharingan over there. Oh, how we were fooled, wouldn’t you say, yeah? Aye Sasori sempai, don’t you think our designs lack artistic flavor, yeah?

Sasori: The dead reanimated. This best perpetuates endless beauty. (Kakuzu looks around.)

Kakuzu: I see, the ones who are not here with us have not been dispatched yet. To think Kisame would have outlived Uchiha Itachi, never in my nearly one hundred years of existence, would I have come to this conclusion. However, I ask one question, who is this white haired man standing amongst us fallen? (Sasori, Deidara, and Kakuzu gather around Nagato to inspect him.)

Kabuto: ENOUGH! This does not matter… The only thing that you five should concern yourselves with is, serving me and aiding your former leader, Uchiha Madara, over there!

Madara: I know you’re only getting close to me so that you can have Sasuke’s life. You want revenge for Sasuke claiming Orochimaru’s life. I would be a fool to except you on those terms.

Deidara (in thought): So he’s still alive… I will love to have another crack at him.

Itachi (in thought): I’m sorry little brother, I’m against my own power. (Kabuto smirks.)

Kabuto: I take it you wouldn’t start a war against the five Kages without a substantial degree of power. At the moment, I have all right to fear such power if I so get out of line. But, you can’t succeed on your own, as I can’t succeed on my own either. So, what will it be?

Madara: Done… Those who betray Akatuski die, remember that… (Madara opens a swirling portal and swings inside of it.)

Kabuto (in thought): This is the kind of smoke screen I've been waiting for. This will take time, but eventually I will be able to get close enough to Sasuke and obtain his body undetected. Finally, the body housing the eyes my master long since admired will become mine.

(The scene switches over to Myoubokuzan. Naruto is reluctant to put his hand on the square on the seal.)

Fukasku: Wat’s wrong boy?

Gerotora: You don’t have to do this, the 4th never wanted you to turn into the Kyuubi; it is ok to turn away.

Fukasku: Shat yer yap! Have you no faith in the child or prophecy! This kid over ere’ puta stop to the six ways eyes of rebirth and destruction!

Gerotora: It is still not wise, even if he stopped the Rinnegan from destroying the world, the kid will only undo what he did by becoming the Kyuubi himself! It’s ok Naruto, don’t sign the seal, I’m certain Jiraiya didn’t know what he was talking about. The 4th would never want his son to rely on such a risky and untested power. Continue to hone your skills your own way as you have been.

Fukasku: Dammit, kid, don’t let this fool-

Elder Toad: That’s enough children. Let’s ask the Child of Prophecy himself. Now, uh, what’s your name again?

Fukasku and Gerotora: UZUMAKI NARUTO!

Elder Toad: Oh, uh yeah… It seems to have escaped me in my late age. Being senile is a part of life ya know? So, what will it be, child of prophecy. Will you choose to sign the seal, or seek power through your own methods? Only the fate of the world hinders on this choice.

Fukasku (in thought): Gosh, wen he puddit that way, he makes it sound so darn serious.

(Naruto has a flash back to when he spoke with his father.)

Minato: I sealed half of the demon fox’s chakra inside of you because I knew you’d learn to use it someday, because you’re my son.

(The scene switches back to the present.)

Naruto: I’ll sign it. (The Elder Toad and Fukasku smiles.)

Gerotora: Are you really sure about this?

Naruto: This is what my father wanted!

Gerotora: And how would you know? Have you ever even talked with your father? You’re sillier than Jiraiya. *Croak, Croak* [apparently that’s how he laughs.]

Naruto: Well, I kinda did.

(The three toads are shocked.)

Gerotora: Hogwash!

Naruto: He was the one who repaired my seal, he had to of done so. (Naruto places his hand on the scroll. He closes his eyes and has a flash back to about a year ago. Naruto is there with Jiraiya on a training ground.)

Jiraiya: Alright kid, this jutsu I’m about to teach you is on a scale beyond what your tiny mind can possibly wrap around.

Naruto: Just get on with it.

Jiraiya: Hmm, I wouldn’t be so hasty if I was you, or both of us could end up dead. Please listen carefully.

(Naruto gulps.)

Jiraiya: This is a jutsu that the 4th Hokage intended to complete, but since he lacked the chakra, the true depth to this technique hasn’t been fully realized. With the Kyuubi’s chakra, you have the power to take that jutsu to its upmost form.

Naruto: Woah, really?

Jiraiya: This is a jutsu require a compression and rotating ability far beyond that of a normal human’s. With your mastery of Rasengan, you have some of the battle one.

Naruto: Huh?

Jiraiya: Just listen… Unlike the Rasenga, this jutsu requires that you release as much chakra as your body can possibly allow… Then, take the principles of the Rasengan, and compress and rotate the chakra-

Naruto: Umm, that sounds exactly like Rasengan… Boring!

Jiraiya: I said listen you idiot! Now… You release as much chakra as you humanly can, then using your ability to condense chakra, you will compress that chakra into the smallest form you can make. On a regular person’s chakra, one could easily die from exhaustion, and due to the limitations of a human’s natural chakra level, the true scale of the jutsu may not live up to the desired results if tested against an opponent with an unusually strong defenese, thus, the 4th Hokage discarded this jutsu.

Naruto: Man, what a waste…

Jiraiya: Not if you have the Kyuubi.

(Naruto is shocked.)

Jiraiya: Imagine if you released as much of the Kyuubi’s chakra as possible and then compressed it into 1/3 the size of the Rasengan! This makes moving with the jutsu quite easily, as you can traverse great distances and possibly conceal your technique for a bit longer.

(Naruto is shocked again.) But, being able to release and compress such a large scale of chakra would mean that you would have to gain complete mastery of the Kyuubi’s chakra. Such chakra control is godlike. You’ve screwed up with the Rasengan, you know the pain you’ve suffered. Screw up with this technique and you end up blowing yourself in a massive uncontrolled blast of raw chakra. You must control the flow and direction of the released chakra once you smash it into the enemy, otherwise you not only take out your enemy.

Naruto: Now, I’m really not sure about this. (He shivers.)

Jiraiya: But first, let’s work on your Kyuubi control… (Scene switches a little further ahead. Naruto is standing over a wounded Jiraiya with a bloody slash going across his upper body… Naruto begins shaking Jiraiya, trying to wake him up.)

Naruto: Ero Sage, Ero Sage… Get up, get up!

(Jiraiya reluctantly open his eyes.)

Jiraiya: You don’t remember what happened?

Naruto: How did you get like this? Did I? (His eyes tear up.)

Jiraiya: Don’t you ever work on that jutsu without my consent. Just promise me… (Naruto nods his head in agreement, the scene switches back to the present back at Myoubokuzan.)

Fukasku: You ‘k kid?

Naruto: Yeah.

(The scene switches over to the meeting room housing the war planning session.)

Homura: Now, moving on to the most pressing concern! The protection of the Kyuubi!

Tsunade: Are you daft? We might need Naruto’s power at this time. After all, he was the one who saved the village!

Koharu: That may be the case, but Madara is already after the Kyuubi and has seven Bijuu on his side. Are top priority should be to protect Uzumaki Naruto at all costs and keep him here at Konoha.

Tsunade: STOP FUCKING AROUND! (The attendants are getting kind of loud and out of hand after hearing those statements about Naruto being protected.)


Koharu (she whispers): Suna has also given us word that they will do as much as possible to keep Naruto from interfering with the battles, all is safe. I’m certain Raikage is also under the same kind of pressure with his little brother. We can’t afford to let emotions compromise our battlefield planning.

Homura: In essence, we won’t get sloppy because of some bullshit oath you established with the Uzumaki Naruto…

Tsunade: *Snicker*

Next Time: Assembling Platoons.
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