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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

Yet another spoof prediction for your enjoyment!

Spoof Prediction

(In the Akatsuki hideout)
Kabuto: So, what you think about my proposal?
Madara: On one condition.
Kabuto: If it’s doing the Thriller dance, forget it.
Madara: In that case, you can join us… you big meany!
Kabuto: I prefer the term “Final Villain”.
Madara: Oh no, you didn’t! You… you… (starts crying) That was the only thing I had going for me, don’t ruin it, whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

(In the construction site)
Naruto: Ok, guys, you got to help me here. The Super Sized Sage said I had to meet an octopus, and I reduced the possibilities down to two guys: Dr. Octopus from Spiderman and Ultros from Final Fantasy VI. Of those two, who do you think it is?
Neji: Naruto, both of them are villains.
Naruto: Oh, yeah…
Kiba: Maybe that Sage meant to say you need a villain to beat another villain.
Naruto: That must be it!
Aizen: If that’s the case, mind if I aid you on your quest?
Sakura: (grabs a pepper spray bottle and sprays Aizen eyes) Go away, filthy God Mod Sue!
Aizen: Pepper spray, my only weakness!

(In Bleach)
Ichigo: I sense I’m missing an important clue to introduce yet another ass pull in this manga… meh, probably nothing…

(In the construction site)
Naruto: I think we’re thinking it wrong… ok, ask everyone if they know any famous octopus within the Narutoverse. (spots Kakashi passing by; runs towards him) Hey, Kakashi-sensei, do you kno-
Kakashi: Stupid Tsunade woke up from her stupid coma and stole my stupid chance for the stupid title of stupid Sixth Hokage…
Naruto: Never mind… (returns to the rookies)
Kakashi: Stupid Naruto with his stupid questions…

(At the interrogation center)
Ino: Ibiki-sensei, do you know any nin that can go as “octopus”?
Ibiki: Hummm, I don’t know.
Karin: Octopus? That must be Kirabi, the Raikage’s brother. He’s the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi, half ox, half octopus. Sasuke had such an hard time fighting that “octopus”… oh, oops!
Ino: Thank you very much! (exits the room)
Ibiki: (to the Interrogation nin) See that? That girl extracted more info in a few seconds than you in an hour! You’re a disgrace to the Interrogation Nin Syndicate, get out of my f*cking sight!
Interrogation Nin: You’re so harsh when you’re sober, Ibiki-sensei…

(In the construction site)
Naruto: The brother of the Raikage? Really? (thinking) Just my luck. The Raikage probably will beat me up if he sees me again going on about Sasuke…
Sakura: Naruto, we have to go to Kumogakure!
Shikamaru: Yeah, for you to poison him just like last time…
Sakura: But-
Shikamaru: No buts! Go help Tsunade-sama or something like that, I’ll go to Kumogakure with Naruto.
Sakura: Hey, who died and made you Lord of the Flies?
Shikamaru: Kishimoto’s Jump Fiesta 2010 interview.
Kakashi: (passes by) Stupid interview, saying that stupid 2010 would be my stupid year…
Naruto: Get a chill pill, Kakashi-sensei…
Shikamaru: Well, since Naruto is still a genin…
Naruto: Thanks for rubbing it on my face, but go on…
Shikamaru: We still need a jonin and another chuunin.
Neji: Pick me.
Hinata: Pick me!
Shikamaru: Uh, why?
Neji: Kumogakure still has to answer for the Hyuuga incident that took my father’s life away.
Hinata: (thinking) I was thinking about smexing Naruto, but that’ll do. (speaking) Y-yes, that incident…
Shikamaru: So it’s settled, let’s go to Kumogakure!
Naruto: Hell yeah!

(In Kumogakure)
Kisame: (inside Samehada; thinking) When will these people leave this bastard alone? Geez, I don’t even get a minute to ambush this dumbass…
Kirabi: Oh, I totally killed that shark face with my top-notch Enka, my brudda just helped popping the can lid…
Samui: Oh, you sexy, sexy man, your stories of murder make me SO hot… I might have to unbutton my shirt…
Kirabi: That’s the stuff I’m talking about!
Kisame: (thinking) Why did I have to trust Madara’s plans, why?!

(In the Akatsuki hideout)
Sasuke: A surprise, for me? Can I take off the bandages?
Madara: Of course!
Sasuke: (starts to take off bandages) Oh boy, I really hope it’s the cute (the bandages are off) pony I asked last mon-
Zombie Itachi: MYYYY EYYYYESSSS!!!
Zetsu: Told you he’d only scream, now give me my 10 bucks.
Madara: (hands over the money) Ok, ok…
Zombie Kakuzu: MOOOONEYYYY!!!
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