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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

OK - serious one this time:

Chapter 490: Orders.

Madara: Join forces? What makes you think I'm interested?
Kabuto: Wars are costly. One can always use powerful allies - especially when fighting all five ninja nations.
Madara: I generally tend to work with subordinates I can trust. As I recall, Orochimaru and Akatsuki - indeed, Uchiha, even - haven't always mixed well.
Kabuto: I have no intention of being being a subordinate. Partner is a better arrangment.
Madara: I see you've taken on Orochimaru's arrogance.
Kabuto: With this kind of power, it is a necessary trait.
Madara: Agreed. All right - I'm interested. What is your offer?

(back in Konoha)
Konoha Elder: Wait, Tsunade.
Tsunade: Tsk.
Konoha Elder: You haven't made plans for the Kyuubi host.
Tsunade: His name is Uzumaki Naruto and he has saved this village more than once! I suggest you learn his name!!
Konoha Elder: Perhaps - but the fact remains. Akatsuki still wishes to capture him and we cannot let a weapon like that be taken from us. The Kage summit made it clear that he should be protected. What plans do you have to keep him in safe within the village?
Tsunade: I have no intention of restraining Naruto in any way.
Konoha Elder, in shock: Surely you can't be serious?! To let him wander would make him an easier target!! He must be protected here, if only to -
Tsunade: You mean kept here to protect YOU in case of an attack!
Konoha Elder: Surely... his purpose... he was created -
Tsunade: I don't think even you have any idea what the Fourth intended for Naruto. Besides, do you think you could keep him here against his wishes?
Konoha Elder: Be that as it may, plans must be made for his protection.
Tsunade: Indeed. So I shall do so... SHIKAMARU!!
Shikamaru, shocked, stands: Y-YES!
Tsunade, smirking: In your opinion, what does Naruto need to remain safe?

(at Myobokuzan)
Naruto: So that's the key?
Fukasaku: Yes - this is Minato's legacy left to you.
Naruto: Hmmm.
Fukasaku: What are you thinking? Will you take it on?
Naruto: Well, I think so... but...
Fukasaku: ??
Naruto, smiling: I haven't the first clue what it means!
Fukasaku: !? WHAT!?
Shima: Relax dear. No one said this would be easy.
Naruto: Perhaps the octopus could help me... this makes no sense! What sort of prophecy start is that??
Fukasaku: I don't know, perhaps you should consult with the Hokage.
Naruto: Yeah.
Shima: Then we will return you to Konoha. Stay in touch - I always have food ready.
Naruto: Uh... Th- (summoning released)
Shima: Such a nice boy.

(at Madara's Hideout)
Kabuto: Fair enough. I agree.
Madara: Good.
Kabuto: So where do I start?
Madara: In the Water Country. Of all the nations, it is the most volitile. If we can disrupt their plans, the alliance will begin to crack. Do you still have any contacts there?
Kabuto: Some, but they never last too long.
Madara: Good. I'll send messages to my people there and tell them to cooperate.
Kabuto: I'll be going then.
Madara: One more thing...
Kabuto: Hm?
Madara: Stay out of Sasuke's way. He will kill you.
Kabuto: Heh.

(at Konoha)
Naruto, groaning: I'm still hungry.
Shikamaru: Naruto!
Naruto turns to see Shikamaru, Neji, Ino, and Lee.
Naruto: What are you doing here?
Shikamaru: Orders from the Hokage.
Naruto: ??
Lee: I am to be your strength.
Ino: I am to be your health.
Neji: I am to be your eyes.
Shikamaru: And I am to be your brain... heh... we're officially your bodyguards.

Next Issue: The Fighting Begins.

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