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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

i can't make a good prediction but i'll try my luck

Kabuto: reject the deal, or regret it while you're living, hahaha, and you're immortal, so it would be bothersome for you to reject it right
Madara: do you think your power is enough for me to have you in my group?
Kabuto: eh, i just revived your fallen dogs right?
Madara: hmm, i know you want to avenge the sickly Orochimaru by killing Sasuke
Kabuto: ! *where did he get those information*
Kabuto: nah, not really, i'm done with Orochimaru, i have total control over his body but he had my tongue, it could grow to great lengths
Madara: i see. i'm now interested in having you as my newest bitch around Akatsuki
Kabuto: i thought negotiating with you was difficult (in mind: hehe, you'll have your revenge Orochimaru-sama, i'll kill Sasuke!)

Madara's hideout:

Sasuke: atlast, i can destroy konoha with my power!
White Zetsu: Madara is away, sharing some gossip with Kabuto
Sasuke: Kabuto?!
Black Zetsu: it seems like he's becoming Orochimaru
White Zetsu: i don't know if you'll laugh at him when you see him, a wasted handsome youth right
Black Zetsu: indeed, so, what are you planning right now?
Sasuke: i'll kill him, dealing with Orochimaru was not enough
Black Zetsu: he used a jutsu which revived Akatsuki members, including your older brother
Sasuke: WHAT?
Black Zetsu: we gotta go after him quickly
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