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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

And what was the point of her confession to Naruto? It didn't seem genuine and though I prefer SasuSaku... I still would rather it had been real since it happened. It just makes her look like a really foolish person if it turns out to be a lie. Considering it could have been the last time she ever spoke with Naruto... who would want that to be false, in any way? Blah, that's all I can say. lol.
The confession made sense, and the manga addressed it eventually as well in regards to why she did it.

The gist of it is that due to what Sai told her, and the immense guilt she felt because of how much the promise was hurting Naruto ( This is her perception at the time )she came to the conclusion that for the good of all Sasuke needed to be killed.

Being formerly part of T7 and Naruto's closest friend, and ( in her mind ) the source of his suffering she took it upon herself to handle the entire situation alone including breaking the news to Naruto.

Her confessing to him was her own idea of cushioning to blow that the news regarding Sasuke's situation, the rookies decision as well as her own would deal him. However, Naruto isn't the chump he used to be, he picked up immediately that something was wrong and called her out on the lie.

Later in 484 Sai confirmed all of this. And during her encounters with Sasuke, as well as 484 and the JF, Kishi confirmed that she was still in love with him.

Sakura got a lot of heat from the fanomsphere for the confession, but you got to give her character credit for the intentions. It proved that she loves Naruto a lot ( all things point to not in a romantic sense ) and was willing to put herself and her feelings aside to make him and everyone else happy ( again based on what she thought was the right thing to do at the time ).

Kishi explained that with the confession he tried to portrait Sakura as a realistic girl, and personally I think he nailed it. Sakura was generalizing given the info she had at hand. She was under pressure from Sai/Shikamaru to come to terms with the situation at hand, and even though it conflicted with her emotions she put the good of all before the good of one.

Not bad. With that said, I don't like the fact that she did not apologize to Naruto. Kishi just skipped over that elephant in the room. But then again, that only contributes to how any potential romantic moments between these two eventually turn into comedy relief.
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