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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Meh, its the same with the fandoms.

I do frequent other forums and participate on FCs, and the activity is mostly spam now and days. Every time things look as if they'll die down a bit and Kishi might touch on some of the subplots he jumps right back into the action.
Wow...looks like I missed one interesting debate this week(damn god of war 3...LOL). My 2 cents is that for me... the relationships in this manga have ALWAYS been one-sided one or another...which is why naruhina(because of hinata's feelings for naruto is SO LOVED) and narusaku(which I am clearly in favor NOT nearly as loved, though that's mostly cuz of sakura n her feelings for sasuke). Which is why they are sub-plots, to kishi....I guess in the same way as Toriyama(with dragonball n dragonballz) if u take a look how the big relationships in that manga came to be. On to the topic of Sakura...she is SUPPOSED to be the main female character of this manga...but in the scope of what Naruto n especially Sasuke are...she is basically as much of side character as the rest of konoha 11 are, which is side because that just goes to bad story writing n telling(as well as the MASSIVE amount spotlight that Sasuke has had in part 2...hencing why people think the manga has been renamed...)....though in my opinion Kishi's bosses have had alot to do with because of sasuke's immence popularity in Japan. Personally, I think a bigger piece of Massively EPIC fail in MANGA/ANIME history is bleach specifically the main character Kurosaki Ichigo...I really do NOT like his character or how kubo has developed him at all and what's worse is he is sooooooooo bad in battle that he gets and NEEDS WAYYYYY more plot protection at this point than Sasuke.
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