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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Something I wished to point out in the tobi isnt madara debate.

Here is narutos bijuu seal when the kyuubi has its way (the twirling pattern)

Now notice tobis mask as well as MS pattern.

And the fact that whats in there is another deminsion
kind of like

Granted Im not sure how other people can be pulled into that demision, ect. Ill just work on that later.

So the SG Tobis using is the seal, his body is compeletly fake, and the beast that should be inside is gone.

Conclusion: Tobi really is some kind of bijuu (juubi or yin kyuubi chakra) that exists completely through that one eye. but with all other evidence such as.

1. the power of the SG and the juubi do seem to be connected, not the SG and the RG.

2. Tobi has one powerful eye and so does the juubi. Could be an obvious reveal of tobis true idenity by kishi.

I think its more likly that tobi=juubi not yin half of kyuubi.

im starting 2 believe he isnt the final villian and if your theory is somewhat right another twist to that is he's going 2 try and merge with sasuke and take over his body like oro attempted.. since itachi said madara was a former shell of his self and it also seems he's compossed of different ninja's body parts or he just collects dead people and steals eyes for fun... he has 2 have a awesome plan or something 4 all those eyes or it would just be a waste to even show them in the manga .... also " IF " kabuto wants sasuke body also, then i feel we will get some new revalations as to why their all in pursuit of his body and it better not be some gay stuff like he has a strong body and eyes and beautiful hair..
sorry thoughts all over the place
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