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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
I think the fact that the Toad predicted that Naruto will meet the "octopus", Naruto should be learning to control Kyuubi. That and the fact that Minato told Naruto "this is the last time", and now Naruto has been given the scroll that concerns Kyuubi
Even if he trains with Bee, I still don't see how it will change the Kyuubi.
Like I said, unless Naruto somehow gets the Kyuubi to respect him and freely help him like the Eight Tails does with Killer Bee, then I don't see how he can get it to even consider playing along. The Kyuubi wants out of Naruto and doesn't care about him as long as it survives. That's really the only reason it has ever given Naruto chakra. Why would that change just because Naruto has the key?

Unless Naruto deals with it in exchange for it's freedom or something like that.
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