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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

You mean the last Ninja War or when the 1st Hokage fought Madara? Because yeah, she was alive and fighting with the other two Sannin in the last War but I doubt she was alive when Konoha was founded[/QUOTE]

what i kinda mean by that is that she is the granddaughter or niece of the 1st & 2nd hokage.. so maybe tsunade's father or mother may have told her stories of when madara and the first fought fought or maybe either one of those kages actually told her father or mother meaningful info about madara or the uchiha themselves.. isn't she of the senju clan so it makes sense to me in theory
and the senju did fight against the uchiha way before they formed the village hidden in the all types of stories and secrets could have been passed down by word of mouth or is written in some scroll..

and we need the flashbacks or something to let them kno just how serious war is atleast for the first timers like the kohona 9 (INO _ SAKURA) lol hope 1 of them die cause neji won't let tenten die.. and plus b4 every war the general or the leader is suppose to give a kick ass inspiring speech
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