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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
and the kyuubi WOULD FUCKING LOVE to get a crack at madara since he hates the uchiha.

The only thing Kyuubi ever showed respect to was Minato when he tells naruto to be grateful to him and the 4th. also i remember reading(most prob the 3rd databook but not sure) that kyuubi knows a lot more about naruto and his life, so maybe while this training occurs kyuubi will open up to naruto bit by bit. I think he'll also respect naruto eventually unless of course he gets extracted.
i feel as if he's living through naruto and seeing what he see's just like the 4th said he was doing b4 he fixed naruto's seal.. the fox probably doesn't respect him because he know's naruto is capable of so much more than he is now.. thus still seeing him as weak and not respectable

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