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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by naruto's death View Post

can someone explain to me what the hell that senile old toad means by
(And you know what he is?!... The young man with such power in his eyes)

1. It was a mistranslation and the "what" shoulda been a "who"
2. Sasuke is not whom the toad was speaking of and Naruto was mistaken in thinking that's who the toad was referring to.
3. Sasuke is a vessel for something and Naruto realized this when they clashed and knows what sasuke really is, this could make him a "what". (WAYYYY out there but his MS is the only one that isn't a 3 point variation which could indicate some hidden... ummmm... some hidden something).
4. Could mean Edo Tensei Nagato. Has the rinnegan and compared to the old toad he is still a boy. He is no longer a "who" and he wont be all sickly weakened. (not likely).
5. Finally he could mean Sasuke and Sasuke could actually be a Transformer (Robots in disguise qualify as a "what" not a "who"). this could be his latest hax.
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