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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

Possible Naruto 490 spoiler:

はい 信用はしないが手を組んだマダラとカブト。イタチの眼を移植したサスケに会い興奮する カブト やっぱり狙いはサスケの体。 鍵を外せば今まで以上に九尾の意識が強くなる 九尾完全コントロールは難しい、出来なければ九尾に支配される んで、ナルトは手形を押すことに迷い 九尾の鍵を外せば前以上に大切なみんなを傷つけるかもー サクラや自来也を傷付けたこと、ペイン戦で里のみんなを自分が傷付けたかもしれないと いう

My translation:

It says that "Trust doesn't unite Madara and Kabuto's hands. It excited Kabuto to meet and see that Sasuke had Itachi's eyes transplanted after all. His aim is Sasuke's body. Until now, if you remove the key, the Kyuubi's consciousness arises and becomes strong making perfect control of the nine-tails difficult. It's possible to control the nine-tail's with the Kyuubi's key, but Naruto is more conflicted about removing the nine-tail's key and risking hurting people he cares about than before---it hurt Sakura and Jiraiya, and I may have hurt everyone in the village fighting against Pain."
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