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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

We've seen most of this coming for a very long time: that's if the spoiler isn't fake>
Naruto leaning FTG:- well pretty much from the moment it was confirmed that he was the 4th's legacy it became pretty much evident that he had to surpass his father.
Naruto meeting eerrr an octopus:- From the moment he owned Sasuke. And showed he was the master of his beast it was only a matter of time. till this happened and we are still waiting on that one.
Kabuto becoming well an uberrpowered freakish snakish monster! lol. well it goes back as far as the sanin fight where Tsunade commented on the then young Kabuto. And the moment he put orochimaru's cells in his body, there was just no way back for him.
HMMMM the sharingan factory that could pretty much trump madara's storage ware house means these guys were meant for each other regardless of their ulterior motives.

then again i still want the part about Kabuto creating sharingans to be fake coz multiple fodder weilding sharingans become pretty much high end fighters, just don't want those odds coupled with Edo Tensei and the war is prretty much over.
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