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Re: 490 Predictions/Spoilers

Naruto 490 Spoiler

Credited to Ohana:
兜は簡単にマダラのうちに失われた。彼が初めて天照大神を向けると、すべての蘇生を焼 き一度に。 さらに彼は失われた、まだ彼を選択してマダラ部下 サスケの万華鏡はまったく変更されません。 マダラは彼の目は/電源どこに新しい万華鏡の万華鏡に改革はイタチを上回ると述べた 終了

My translation:
Madara simply removes his mask. He uses Amaterasu for the first time, aiming towards the resuscitations and burning them one at a time. Further and he would have lost, yet Madara's subordinate(Sasuke) chooses him. Sasuke's Mangekyou doesn't change at all. Madara says of his eyes that the power in the Kaleidoscope of his Mangekyou exceeds that of Itachi's. End.

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