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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
I actually had high hopes for that.

I theorized that she was kept in the dark on purpose, so that they would at some point confront one another, work out their differences and lies they told one another and Sakura specially would have her resolve renewed pertaining to helping Sasuke.

But Kishi pretty much skipped all that and chose not address anything.

I wasn't surprised in the least. Everyone at some point becomes foil for Naruto, no one is safe.

I do cut her character some slack in regards to this.

Sai caught her in a very bad time. Tsunade was in a coma, Suna nins telling her that Sasuke joined Aka and would be hunted down and killed. And then Sai comes around throwing the massive truth of how much of an insensitive friend she was being to Naruto always relying on him to do everything and not taking his feelings into account.

That was straw that broke the camel's back. So with that in mind, she decided to do everything herself and take the suffering alone. Her way of going about was shit but understandable since she was completely confused and sad.

Again, the one thing that irks me is Kishi not having her apologize to Naruto ( at least not on current panel ) when she was told to apologize to Lee, Kiba and Sai.
I get the feeling the apology and everything Naruto knows....(up n including the info he's been keeping mum on his meetings with Itachi n his father). I just think Kishi's holding all of this stuff back til

a. Naruto returns from his current training n he has a chat with Tsunade(which I believe alot of this will come up in....)

b. The war begins and Naruto heads off to fight with Sasuke and Sakura insists on him telling her what he knows... because you see from previous chapters she KNOWS he knows more than he's ever gonna be willing to say in front of the rest of the konoha 11( and Im betting money this is because he doesn't like the way they were going about going to kill Sasuke without him knowing....meaning his trust in them isn't as high at point as it was...only a few days ago[ manga time]).

c. Something happens and forces Konoha's hand into going to war without Naruto(B.S. reason is they will say they are doing it to protect him) and Naruto winds up saving their asses YET AGAIN...with this time him revealing all he knows... maybe because he knows this is a fight he will not survive( as he said to Sasuke in front of everyone).

p.s. My money is on a or c being the b is just a hypothetical and I doubt Naruto would react that way...although truth be told if that were me...that is EXACTLY how I would react to the situation as is...
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