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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by OG View Post
nero-did u draw that? style/techs dont match up to the other drawings uve shown us. u should stick to that style more if it is yours.
This style is modern (western) comic style while the other is manga,In the mentioned comic style as you can can get very surrealistic in both body and face while manga concentrate all the surrealizim in the face/hair while keeping the bodies anatomically close to realistic in the majorities of styles,which is more preferred to me.

of course i'd switch to comic style whenever i want to draw something sharp and less realistic that will still looks awesome in the same time,But manga is my favorite drawing style and i ain't gonna give it up for comic.

However,I am working on creating my own drawing style which will be a mix of the best of what in both manga and comics,Something close to the founder of such thing..The legendary "Joe Madureira",but my style will have more amount of manga over comic.

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
ANYWAYS, Nero: you shouldn't use us as examples of peopel in other countries, because honestly, we are a bunch of ass holes.
Am quite familiar with what kind of people you are. i haven't signed in here yesterday.

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
anyways, you may or may not get the shit beat out of you if you say some of the stuff we say in public. (i don't know if you're a big guy or not)
I don't know what's your measurement of big,but am about 188 cm high and quite wide,Around here..people would give it another thought before charging me,I believe it will be the same else where unless i end up in some sort of a colossi land.

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
basically, when you're like us, you can't be friends with everyone, but the friends we do have are awesome.
Will i guess you can already tell that i used to be a very kind person,As i believe you can guess where that got me.

people who deserve to be treated nice are very few and they wont mistook your kindness as some sort of weakness if it's guarded with some sort of assholeing system.

Of course am not looking to be friends with everyone or anyone,Am only interested in those minorities perceived as awesome.

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
also, if ever we meet, do not be suprised if i make judgemental comments about people as we walk down the street; i do it constantly, pretty much.
i'm actually nicer on line than i am in RL

I wont,Am familiar with your's why i like you,I like people who judges others when they actually stand on higher intellectual position that allows them to proceed with such right . And i also predicted,if we ever met, that i'll have my share of your judgments before you start to like me back.
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