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Re: Favorite/Saddest Deaths (or near death scenes

Originally Posted by NamikazeNaruto View Post
SeninKorby just gave the best explanation of everything this thread could ask for.
I disagree. While he makes a fairly decent point about how the effects of a given character's death is portrayed in the following issues vs. how they ACTUALLY died being tragic, and how those are two different situations. the cumulative total of both sides is what evokes emotion, and add to that how they "lived" their lives.

different people relate to different things, the way SeninKorby FEELS about a character certain character, the way they died and how their friends and loved ones reacted mat be completely different than another's.

IE: I could give 2 shits about Hiruzen's death scene or the after effects. he played a very small part in the story up to his death (But he was Hokage and he knew an assload of Jutsu... who cares he didn't progress the story). SeninKorby felt that this was pivotal.

different strokes for different folks.

Never speak in absolutes, no one is ever ABSOLUTELY right.

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