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Re: Favorite/Saddest Deaths (or near death scenes

Originally Posted by JEWbii View Post
HAHAHA!!! yellow is a PRIMARY COLOR!!! it's not the mixture Red and Green, that would give you some sort of "brownish color". give it a try.

And thank you for clearing up my life long affliction simply by your assertion "you AREN'T COLORBLIND"

btw being color bling doesn't mean that you see everything in shades of gray. for some people it's an inability to see certain primary colors and for others it's the the difficulty to see where the wavelengths of where those colors converge (me).

to me "Purple" doesn't exist to you it may.

now my whole point is simply that this question is subjective to the person being asked it. you gave your opinion and someone else said that yours was the only way to feel about this question. I am simply trying to illustrate to you people that there are very few to no absolutes in the world and only a fool speaks in absolute terms. especially in a forum post responding to an opinion based question.
I see, then the absolute truth would be that the purple is a color to most people. If you can see the red color like you said, then the red is a color to you and that is your absolute truth.
I guess it is difficult to find an "objective" truth.
The great off panel war has begun...also called the war of one panel because most fights started and ended in one panel.

Also Kin and Gin as substitute for kyuubi chakra (the greatest amount of chakra in Naruto world) is something Kishi pulled out of his ass. I lost major respect. It would be like near the end of LOTR there happens to be another slightly weaker ring and Sauron is like "that will do". It kind of shits on everything established up to that point. It kind of insults my intelligence.
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