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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
What actually happened in the Silva fight? From what I read, he acted like a cocky fuck the first round. Then by the third round he started avoiding engaging altogether. Like, how ridiculous was the running away at the end there? It must have been pretty bad if the ref had to stop it and tell him to quit being such a bitch. And were Maia's TD attempts just pathetic, or were they good shots and Silva was just defending ridiculously well? The play-by-play made it seem like the former.
Yeah like the first two and a half rounds Silva was just toying with Maia. Striking at will, and showing off, a lot like he did in the Griffin fight except waaaay worse. He could have easily demolished Maia in the first round, no question. His showing off was actually pretty funny, my comrades and I were laughing our asses off. Then it started getting stupid, sometime during the third round, like you said, he just stopped engaging altogether. Fucking weirdest thing I ever saw in a fight. The ref was actually cracking up at Silva's antics at first, then he was getting fucking pissed at Silva not engaging, he called time out and rebuked him hardcore. Maia's TD's weren't terrible, not top notch either, but Silva has a pretty damn nice sprawl. Anderson clearly didn't want anything to do with Maia's guard.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
That's why when I hear Silva said to be top p4p by people I kinda lol. Don't get me wrong, dude is crazy good and he'd shame me no problem. But compared to a dude like Fedor, who fearlessly goes where ever the fight goes like a true manly hero, Silva just doesn't compare. Fedor dived right in on Nog, stands and bangs with dangerous strikers. He doesn't give a fuck. And he wins.
Fuck yeah dude, Fedor will just get in people's guards and fuck them up, no all. Silva is crazy good, his striking is truly in another dimension, he deserves to be at least close to the top of the p4p list, Fedor is still at the top of mine (big surprise there).

So, pretty lame ppv overall. Pretty much everything I was hoping for in the main card, didn't happen. No manly grappling in Hughes vs Renzo, BJ lost his fucking belt by decision for christ's sake, and the main event was just retarded. Shit, the first two fights on the main card were easily better than the main three with the legendary fighters. There were some good undercard bouts too, Phil Davis locked a fucking sweet anaconda choke on that Swedish dude, I think it should have gotten sub of the night, but they gave it to dos Anjos.

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