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Re: inspirational/depressing/funny naruto quotes

Chapter 357 deidara vs sasuke: when sasuke attack deidara form behind and tobi has his moment for deidara LOL

Tobi: SENPAIII...!
Tobi: UUH..UUH..... even if he was a harsh senpai, he was a good senpai.
Tobi: I never forget you, diedara-senpai....
Deidara: Dammit, just shut up!
Tobi: AH! you survived.

Chapter 245 naruto returns, when naruto give kakashi that present make-out tactics, kakashi face expression crack me up LOL!

Naruto: Hey! Hey! i have a present for you, kakashi sensei!
Kakashi: ?
Kakashi: Whaaaat!
Book icha icha tactics (make-out tactic)

Chapter 241 when obito has ago at kakashi

Obito: .. of course those in the ninja world how break the rules and regulations, are called trash.
Obito: but...
Obito: Those who don't care about their companions are...
Obito: Even worse trash.
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