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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
My room smells like new computer, and it is wonderful.
That i can understand,When my father used to get me tapes (Dark wing duck,batman,...etc) from the US i used to enjoy there special smell as i thought it's the smell of America.

Also,if it's not too much to ask,can you provide me with a list of your components? I want to take notes because am getting a new gear this summer too.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post

Remember, eye-patch goes on the left eye.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I want furries getting their asses kicked, GLORIOUS BATTLING WITH FISTS AND FIGHTING SPIRIT, dongs piercing the heavens, blazing manly passion, hawt chicks, judo throws, and DR4G0NZ.
Originally Posted by kuneria View Post
Oh damnzzz
I'll just... just make a whole comic for you xD
Some visual explaination

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
4 realz? I call being one of the hawt chicks!
can i do a judo throw?
In my comic you were going to be a Real Aikido user(because regular Aikido is just for show and can't be applied in real combat),It doesn't demand much physical strength because it's based mainly on counter attacks where you get to use your opponent strength against them which means the stronger they get,The harder they full in humiliation.

Your special move called "Reversed gravity",With it you can take down from 10 to 15 furry in a 5 chain combo move. I can change your fighting style to judo but then your tag team special attack move will be with Tom instead of OG.

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
@anwar: That would definitely lead to me taking a liking to you, cause i kind of jsut feel like a prick if i say somehting mean and no one agrees or shares their thoughts!
Be certain that i'll support you in public even if i disagreed with you,and then discuss my disagreement with you later in private.

Also one more advantage you can gain from walking with me,Is that you can say your mean stuff outloud without worrying about those who will try to come back at you physically. =)
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