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Naruto Epilogue! A Glimpse Into the Future

Found the right place for my post! This is my idea of a glimpse into the future of Naruto. I am posting Part 1, if you think its too fluffy, I have an abridged, one part version in mind, however it would not be self-explanatory without much thinking, i.e. why a certain character has only one usable eye.

Naruto 691: Epilogue Part 1, Midnight Watch

At the Konoha Gate.

Konohamaru, sixteen, tall, back to a long scarf, longer hair and a scar down his face. He sits with Udon, same age, not as tall, wearing goggles on his forehead, and scars on his hands. Udon is snoring.

Konohamaru: Oy! Udon, wake up! We're supposed to be guarding the village! (Thinking) As if the village needs guards, especially with HIM as hokage.

Udon: Wha? Is someone here? (snores)

Konohamaru: This is so boring. Why did I agree to this?

To the Hokage's office, earlier in the day.

Hokage (we don't see his face) : Right! I'm putting you at the gate tonight!

Konohamaru: But, what kind of mission is that?

Hokage: An important one! Suspicious ninja have been seen near Konoha, perhaps the shits who attacked the Sand. I need strong ninja to guard the village tonight.

Udon: We're- (Konohamaru puts his hand on Udon's mouth)

Konohamaru: (to Udon) Shut up! (to Naruto) We'd love to take the mission but we're short a team member -

Hokage: Yes, Moegi and Karin haven't returned, but I thought you two would be enough, however if you just can't function without her I do have a dinner with the toads I can't make so maybe you guys-

Udon (excited): Oh, is she serving -

Konohamaru (bug-eyed, green, and grabbing his stomach): That's okay we'll do the night watch.

Hokage : Great! Keep me informed in the usual way.

Shikamaru walks in with a huge amount of paperwork.

Hokage: Oh, I just remembered, I have to get to lunch... with... Choji! That's right Choji! See ya! (poofs away)

Konohamaru: Isn't Choji-sensei on a mission?

Shikamaru: Yes, as he was yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that. Isn't there someone else he can have lunch with?
(end Flashback)

Konohamaru: Ha, ha! That's right I was avoiding Granny toad's supper.

Konohamaru: ! One of my clones! 2 km that way! (points) Udon, what are those coordinates?

Udon: Huh? (snores) Oh, 9,31 and 8,106... (snores again)

Konohamaru: Thanks! (takes out a paper with a seal) Kuchiyose no jutsu!

A small toad is summoned.

Konohamaru: Take these coordinates to Naruto! (gives the toad a small piece of paper rolled into a scroll)

The toad poofs.

It appears on the roof of the Hokage building. Two tall men stand there. One has long dark hair, and wears long robes covering most of his body. He has a sword at his left side. His right eye and part of his face are covered by dark cloths.

The other man has blond, spiky hair to his shoulders. He wears a black cape with red flames and a perfectly fitting red and black uniform. His piercing blue eyes look at the frog while the other man says

Other Man: It took him that long? You should train your subordinates better.

Naruto: Konohamaru is not the guard type, but his clones should delay the enemy. If anything they will be a formidable distraction. If you had a subordinate I would challenge them to defeat Konohamaru at anything. But you Sasuke, remain alone.

Sasuke: So I chose. Shall I dispose of these four, (very serious) Hokage-sama ?

Naruto : The way you say that... but go ahead, I'll take care of number five, he must be the leader.

Sasuke: Number five?

Naruto: Oh, don't feel bad, there are perhaps two other nin in the village who could have sensed number five, and like you they have special eyes. He's just out of your range.

Sasuke: Its this damn eye isn't it? (thinking) I had no choice but to give up that eye.

Naruto: He's definitely the shit who attacked Garra. I'm off, oh and try to control yourself. (Three clones appear and dissipate, then Naruto vanishes (no smoke).

Sasuke: Right. (turns to face the Hokage faces, the last one is of Kakashi) As you would say...

Scene changes to four ninja. They each have rock headbands with a scratch across them. Three are male. One has long hair and is short, another is very large and bald, and the last is average height with spikes for hair. The fourth ninja is a beautiful woman with long dark hair. They stand on a cliff facing Konoha. Konoha is in ruins; fire and smoke are everywhere and the Hokage mountain is damaged.
Spiky (high pitched): Heh, heh! That was easier then we thought it would be, eh big guy? (gives the big a slap on the back.

Big Guy: …

Spiky: Strong and silent aren't you?

Shorty (very bass): I wish you'd be silent. Don't bother tryin' to be strong though.

Spiky (angry): Why you...

Lady: Shut up! Spiky is right, this was too easy.

Voice: Sorry I'm late, I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life.

They turn to their right and see Sasuke standing on a rock.

Next 692: Epilogue Part Two, Konoha in Flames

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