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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Anyway new chapter says Rangiku is looking at Gin meaning he will beat the shit out of ichigo and like tousen get done in by a loved one PATHETIC....

Aizen isn't injured at all however he's reaching his limit and ishinn notices it thats when aizen says that the hokyoku reached his heart or some shit.. I guess putting that thing in your body fucks with you afterall but aizen has control now and started to fuse with it fully.

By the way Aizen does say he is reaching his limits.. Not bad I guess he's fought for some chapters now and taken on 9 well ishinn is 10 captains..

btw none of them are injured. and the way ishinn speaks to aizen its fact they both go way back.

P.s. i realize of course this isn't aizen's "real" limit lmfaoo he hasn't even used bankai yet till that there's no reaching limits... kubo is doing this limit crap to shows us the hokyoku's power. cause aizen says to ishinn.

"my shinigami spirit is reaching its limit" then he talks about hokyoku so wtf is aizen up to he obviously isn't using shikai or bankai here just regular fighting... Im guessing i was right about the hokyoku there's also some kind of internal fight going on in aizen.. He's stressing his body for some reason...

Don't you guys find it weird he didn't kill anyone yes kubo is gay and he doesn't kill but seriously he had the a chance to kill all of them not only yama but didn't.. im 100% sure this "war" isn't war but rather a field test so that the hokyoku could awaken faster, maybe as he stresses his body the hokyoku comes to his aid and awakens faster.

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