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Re: Anti-Sasuke FC

Originally Posted by BLOOD_GOD View Post
Sasuke didn't work for sharingan, MS, OR EMS. He also didn't work for the Curse Seal. The only thing Sasuke really worked on was Chidori and his lightning element techniques. Sasuke was cool as fuck until he gained the MS and started relying on them for his main power instead of it being a Trump Card.

Naruto worked for Kage Bunshin, Rasengan, Wind element, Rasenshuriken, Sage Mode, AND he's gonna have to work to control the Kyuubi! Naruto won't rely on the Kyuubi for his main source of power. He will use it as his Trump Card.

Plus everyone knows that Senju > Uchiha.

But with that said, I don't feel like arguing with immature idiots who wanna suck sasuke's genitals and get fingered in the hole by Sasuke's chidori. Oh yeah, this is an ANTI-SASUKE FAN CLUB if you don't like it GTFO. the imature one? u have to earn the sharingan...u have to earn the ms, and he dosent even have the curse seal anymore, and when he did he had to train to be good with it..and sure its an anti sasuke club, but theres plenty of sasukes in the name in real life is sasuke
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