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Re: 492 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by WTF?? View Post
Could it be that Itachi's gift to Naruto is the ability to tame Kyubi, which will help him overcome it sometime during his training with Killer Bee, and eventually control it. Itachi hoped that Naruto would never use it, since he knew that this would not only endanger his life, but also pose a lot of danger to others. If Itachi knew that Madara was after Sasuke, then he obviously would have foreseen the 'not so improbable' possibility that Madara would offer Sasuke his eyes, and Sasuke being the overconfident, naive and emotional child that he is, would accept it in due time due to his inevitably impending blindness. Seeing as the only likely way to overcome EMS would be the raw power of the bijuu, he might have given Naruto his power with this situation in mind...

What say guys ??
Possible, but it would likely mean that Itachi had some insight into the seal Minato put on the Kyuubi. Unless he was consulted by Jiraiya and/or Saritobi, which I rather doubt, I don't know how he would have known that. Still, that's a new one for the "gift" and it has more merit than some.
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