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Re: Aizen won't be the final villain

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
I hear allot of people talk of Aizen as a god. The undefeatable foe whose fall won't come until the end of the manga. I personally have to disagree with this assessment of his character based on how the story is progressing.

Aizen is the first real villain introduced into this manga. When you take a look at other mangas for the most part they don't end with the fall of the first major villain. Naruto didn't end with the death or Orochimaru, Yu Yu Hakusho didn't end with the death of Toguro or Sensui, Dragonball Z did not end with the death of Frieza, Rave did not end with the death of Gale Raregroove, & well I hope you'd get the point by now.

If Aizen becomes the final villain he'd be a clearly unoriginal one. At best he'll be nothing but a cheap knockoff of Narako from Inuysha who also gained power from a mystical gem. The difference between Narako & Aizen should be made apparent due to the lack of personal connection to the main character. Narako is closely tied to the sacred jewel, Inuyasha, & Kikyo from the beginning were as Aizen has no such connection to the main character. Ichigo's past is rooted with his father & his reason for being has more to do with why Isshin was sent to earth & less to do with Aizen's initial interest in him.

As we speak Aizen is undergoing his final transformations. His shinigami self is at his limits & he'll soon ascend to a level beyond his own personal limitations. Things like this normally happen when a villain is about to die. Aizen is beginning to understand the will of the Hougyoku & will soon become its servant. The Hougyoku was created by Urahara & he has yet to showup. The fall of Aizen should become more clear once Urahara comes to the battle field.

Kubo has already hinted at 2 more arcs after the end of the espada arc. One of these arcs is supposed to be about Isshin which in some way will relate back to Ichigo. It's my take that the final villain hasn't been introduced yet & if he has it'll actually be Urahara & not Aizen.

I could go on & on but I don't want this post to be to long. So please discuss the fall of Aizen & whether or not he's truly worthy of the title of final villain.
Urahara huh? That would be some twisted shit if he was the final villain.

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