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Re: Anti-Sasuke FC

Originally Posted by saiyaman View Post
Let's get some facts straight.

Naruto: Was hated from the time he was a kid. He didn't know what was affection or love from anybody. He was alone from the beginning.

Sasuke: Was loved from the time he was a kid. He knew what was affection and what it means to love someone from his parents. He wasn't alone from the beginning.


Naruto: He didn't know about affection and love. Yet now, he shows it to everyone and understands the true meaning of it.

Sasuke: He knew about love and affection. It's understandable that he wants to kill those who had his clan killed. But he also wants to destroy Itachi's wish and kill Team 7 too. Not only that, he wants to plunge the world into destruction not only Konoha.


Sasuke has fallen from the Winner's podium to the loser's Fail area. Naruto has risen from the loser's area and taken his rightful place as the winner.

Quote from Rock Lee: Hard work surpasses a genius.
(Believe me he proved it when he used simple taijutsu to defeat a 2 tomoe sharingan lol)

Coming to the final thing......let me clear up one nonsense of yours. The Senju didn't want to eliminate the Uchiha. It was Danzo, Koharu and Homura who wanted that. Is there proof that they were Senju as of now?

It was the Uchiha's own fail brains which thought that it was the Senju. Uchiha newbs failed hard and wanted to destroy the village and Itachi, the only Uchiha to actually have some brains, pwned them.

Think about it.....a person who studied under the Senju: Sarutobi Hiruzen wanted to protect them. So basically it's as good as saying:


Now that I think of it like that, the Uchiha getting pwned was fair after all. lol

Looking at all this.....

UCHIHA "newb fail loser emo" SASUKE FAILS HARD!!

Holy shit well said! More than I am willing to type, but the exact message I wanted to convey.

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