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Re: Aizen won't be the final villain

I just wanted to bring a little more light as to why Urahara shows more promise than Aizen in regards to becoming a villain if not the final villain. Recently we see Aizen give hints of interest in Ichigo since he was born. Aizen's initial interest in Ichigo from what we know is that he was born half human half shinigami. This alone doesn't really make Ichigo special because frankly speaking there are two more people in the bleach world that would also have this unique genetic makeup which are Ichigos sisters.

One could make the argument that Aizen sent grand fissure after Ichigo when he was a child which resulted in the death of his mother. If this were the case then why hasn't Aizen made any attempts to capture Ichigos sisters then? If what he originally wanted was this unique hybrid still in a dormant state it wouldn't make sense for Aizen to simply only target Ichigo when his sisters at this point would be allot easier to capture. Based on this I have to assume that Aizen never sent Grand Fissure after Ichigo which would mean Aizen still lacks that personal connection to the main character of this manga.

Now lets take a look at Urahara. Urahara seems to have some sort of personal connection to Isshin. Urahara is the creator of the Hougyoku. Urahara is responsible for severing Ichigos soul chain which allowed Ichigo to tap into his own shinigami powers & eventually lead to Ichigos hollow powers. Urahara is also responsible for putting the Hougyoku inside of Rukia. All of these events or actions in some way find their way back to Ichigo. All of these events or actions give Urahara that personal connection to the main character which is what Aizen lacks as a villain.

Aizen claims that everything in the manga was calculated by him however I have to disagree. It's my assumption that Urahara may in fact be playing Aizen. There really was no need for Urahara to place the Hougyoku inside of Rukia in the first place if he's been able to protect it for 100 years on his own. So why would Urahara do such a thing in the first place? Placing the Hougyoku inside of Rukia was done to lure Aizen out in my opinion which worked. The result of all of this was Aizens true intentions being revealed & his standing in SS turning into that of a criminal. If Aizen was smart he wouldn't actually want his true intentions revealed in such a manor. All of the work Aizen has done over the past 100 years was undone by Aizens apparent obsession with obtaining a power that Urahara himself has created. This benefits Urahara because it not only isolates his competition(Aizen had to exile himself in HM) but it also grants Urahara favor with SS since up until recently he lost their trust.

Urahara the scientist used forbidden science to manipulate souls by use of hollowfication. The results of his experiments can be seen in the Hougyoku as well as Ichigo himself. Thats right Ichigo himself is the result of a forbidden experiment over seen by Urahara.

I personally would love for someone to give me a rational argument as to why Aizen should be considered the final villain besides he's o so uber. I dare anyone on this forum to come up with an argument based on the facts we know that would give Aizen that personal connection to the main hero. What at first glance appears to be the workings of Aizen in truth can also be looked at as the calculated plan of Urahara.

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