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Re: Aizen won't be the final villain

very well, i'm bored right now and i'll take your challenge :P

about ichigos sisters, i doubt they are strong enough. look at yuzu, from what we know, she's barely able to see ghosts.

about aizen not having personal ties with ichigo. just wait until the isshin arc. if you read the last few chapters carefully, its for granted that isshin and aizen have some ties in the past, considering the way they talk with each other and why should aizen know of ichigo in the first place? he somehow must have known of isshin and masaki. and i highly doubt he found that in some archive of SS, what with isshin being all about secrecy until now.

about urahara...well he's definitely a bastard sometimes. but if you look at the way the two of them treat their underlings, the chance of urahara being naturally evil sinks down to almost zero. i recently started rereading bleach, so i can recommend a certain chapter for reading on that matter. ch15, last two pages. or look into tbtp, the way he cares for hiyori, whereas most of people would have just wanted to kick her ass for being such a bitch. sorry, i like her but its true.

now look at the way aizen treats everyone below him. especially look at halli, hinamori and tousen. isn't a very respectful way to treat them, is it? just to point out the main difference between urahara and aizen. urahara has a heart, even though he is/was a researcher without morales who created something highly dangerous and even up until today hides some things or manipulates people just like aizen does, he doesnt mean any harm by it, rather he does it to make his plans work. he needs to keep those things secret against an enemy like aizen, who himself is a master at weaving complicated plans and thinking ahead.

that itself is another reason, why urahara as the final villain to me just seems outright ridiculous. urahara is aizens enemy #1, no matter how pumped up yamamoto and shinji are, it always has been urahara behind the curtains working against aizen, ever since that fateful night, when he got f***ed by aizen and exiled. if you consider those events, any chance of urahara turning out as the final villain is turned to ashes.

now look at aizen again. he's a heartless egomaniac, striving only to gain power for himself. he's brilliant, has reiatsu like a monster and has a haxxed shikai, which make him a great villain in my eyes, yes. but in essence he is just a self-obsessed bastard who wants power. discarding everyone he deems useless to his goals.

did urahara ever discard anyone? no. hell, the reason he was exiled was that he tried so hard to save the vaizards in the first place. he could have just walked away and acted innocent. that might have failed, considering aizen saw him and his absolute hypnosis. but urahara didn't hesitate for a second to help them, which is all that matters here.

i can't argue against your point about the "rukia incident" being a plan to uncover aizen's betrayal because it's 100% true and you worded it just perfectly. and yes, he gains back his grounds with ss and thus benefits from it. but honestly, who cares about ss? hadn't rukia turned up there and hadn't he contacted them himself, they would have never found him. and reading recent chapters, it became all too apparent that ss is really not that great. being slaugthered like that and all. what i want to say: someone as strong and as adept at hiding as urahara wouldn't care shit about them.

and even assuming he did, you're reducing his motives to only that and "eliminating his competition". i won't comment on the latter right now, im getting a little tired, sorry. just that the way you look at it is odd, because (at least for me) thats not the way urahara thinks. so then what are his motives? i could say now that he is a good guy, trying to save the world, but that would just be as ridiculous. it might be true a little, as much as the prospect of gaining help from ss. but lets face it, his main motive is only one: revenge. he got raped roally in the ass by aizen and now he wants to return the favor. thats all he has been doing in the last ~110 years. planning to bring the f***er down, for what he did to him, the vaizards and his underling aka hiyori. because of all that, i highly doubt urahara being the final villain. lets move back to aizen being it.

by the way, in your first post you say he's not, just because in other mangas there are other villains. forget naruto etc., this is bleach. that comparison is pure speculation on your part and has no relations to this story. next, you're comparing aizen to naraku, just because in the last few chapters he showed having the hogyoku inside him? effectively reducing aizen to just that. did you forget the ss arc already? all the things he did? without hogyoku? calling him a ripoff even? sorry, i hope you didn't mean that. seriously, aizen is much much more than just "a knockoff who also gained power from a gem." and sorry again, but im not going to exaggerate on how many aspects aizen has, not when it is so obvious that just about anyone here could tell you that. just read the manga again, the chapters where aizen turns up, or if you're lazy reading the recent chapters are more than enough. yes, the chapters where he absolutely pwns everyone except isshin. and not because he just has some stone within. hell, look at the ss arc, he doesn't need hogyoku to pwn. having reiatsu like nothing, appearing here and there, with his illusions as well as shunpo, dashing out kido like crazy...

yes, he wants the hogyoku. he wants it BAD. or rather wanted it. but not to gain power, rather than getting even stronger than he already is, surpassing the limits of his own body. but even without it, he could have done all that he did up until now (except healing himself after that slash of ichigo, or at least not that easily) without the hogyoku. sorry, misspelled. he DID it without the hogyoku. because he is just activating it now!

so you reducing him to the hogyoku, in itself isn't very well thought through, is it?

honestly, no insult to you, but im slowly growing sick of people saying "ichigo is gonna pwn aizen at the end of this arc!!" god, without the haxx he got from his father (which makes sense on one hand, but on the other hand pisses me off), he wouldn't be able to hold a candle against gin. considering the state of mind he is in after that hellish fight against ulqui and his hollow-transformation. or rather the state of mind he should be in...*sigh*
seriously, just the though of aizen dying by ichigos hand in this arc gives me goosebumps. because even though this is shounen, it would make absolutely no sense after showing off ichigos inner breakdown after ulqu. whats more, he doesnt even have the slightest idea how to defeat aizen. yeah, "don't look at his shikai", my ass. that airhead ichigo fighting aizen with closed eyes, storming towards him blindly screaming "i'll kill you!!!". just imagining it has me rolling on the floor.

face it, if and only IF aizen dies in this arc, it's not by ichigos hand. oh, well he might get the final strike, but aizen would have to be crippled beyond nothing before there's any chance of that happening. no, the only candidates for killing aizen are either urahara or...gin backstabbing him. well, maybe unohana or isshin, too. everyone else is just not strong enough to face aizen and survive. i know, i sound like a fanboy by now, but i'm merely stating facts that the manga has established upon us. aizen IS strong. period. and someone strong can only be taken down by someone equal or someone weaker abusing something to take him down.

oh well, im getting off topic. back to the villain stuff. on that account, up until two weeks ago i would have considered gin a candidate for last villain. but now i want to watch how his fight ends. you just made me remember something i wanted to mention somewhere. gonna make a thread about it after this, i guess, because taking it here would take this thread offtopic even more.

so why should aizen be the final villain? because he's so uber! no, just kidding
but only half kidding though, because he IS. he also has, or might have your precious ties to the main protagonist. thats just speculation though, until its confirmed, but the chances of aizen featuring a role in the isshin flashback are pretty high.
and last but not least, i can't see a villain dying before achieving his goals. and he said he wanted to bring down the soul king and take his throne. yes, he has become godly with the hogyoku and you might say thats a sign of him dying soon. but you're wrong, because even so he still didn't achieve his goal. unless it was all a lie again and he wanted something else, that is gonna happen now or in the near future.

so yeah, i think aizen is the final villain. and on the little chance he isn't, it would be gin or someone else, but not urahara.

p.s.: i might sound insulting sometimes, but i don't mean it personally. its just the way i talk. forgive me
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