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Re: Boxxy

Originally Posted by Darth-Nero View Post
I thought those who are interested in camwhores in general will be interested in her moar than boxxy.
Oh, no-no-no.

Boxxy's hardly a camwhore anyway. She has like, what, 3 videos? 12-15 pictures? Half of which were leaked on the internet by other people once she got famous, anyway. Not to mention she hasn't posted nudes. The closest thing was her wearing underwear in a picture, and I don't even know if that was really her. After all, there's supposedly a lot of fakes.

She was either a camwhore who bit off more than she could chew or not a camwhore at all. She's definitely someone who (probably unknowingly) trolled everyone.

Regardless, she's way more interesting than Minxy. If not because of her beauty then only because of the "war" and popularity surrounding her.

Either way, she's my Queen.

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