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Re: New World Order

^ yeah well most people are sheep to be lead around. Most people are too busy with their normal lives to ponder theses kind of questions. Politicians have people wrapped around there little fingers. You got democrats and republican out there trying to push there views on each other when the elected officials in Washington that represent them are on the same side. Just look at any law that's passed. You always have a couple of key guys who decide whether is passes or not. One day they say they are against it. Then the opposition comes along and says "How about we throw in a couple of billion dollars for your state. Would that change your mind?" And yeah it does. Eventually it will be those same guys offering money to some else to get what they want done. I mean why wouldn't they? It's not their money after all, it's ours.

I won't go so far as to say someone is "ordering the president around". It's more like he's part of the group. He goes along with it because there is money in it for him. A prime example is michelle obama. In 2002 she was working at the University of Chicago Medical Center as a public relations representative. She had an $80,000 salary. 2 years later barack (as a state senator) helped pass a bill through the illionis state congress to award $15,000,000 dollars to that hospital to add an additional wing. Not 3 months later michelle obama received a promotion to vice-president of relations and was making $300,000. Coincidence??? I think not. Did I mention that going from merely working in the public relations office to actually running it is like 3 or 4 promotions upward. That's kind of a large jump in such a short time don't you think. Do you think that $15,000,000 grant had something to do with it.

Now millions are one thing, but BILLIONS are another. He's throwing around money like it's candy, and every body that gets the money is expected to give something in return. It's not just limited to our country either. The entire U.N. is a bunch of crooked politicians making deals behind closed doors just to screw people over and make themselves rich in the process.

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