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Re: New World Order

mib you are full of shit, you knew exactly what i was talking about when you responded and now realize you stated something wrong and scrambled and changed things around like im talking about your specific case not in general and now i didnt no what ts was i thought it was a typo sais the mod of a forum.

i did not defend anything, all i did was explain the conspiracy, and i blame you for steering us off track when i tried to bring us back, you can clearly see if you go back that after mal wanted evidence i wnet ahead and answered someones question and posted a link with information for people who did not understand the conpiracy and wished for evidence and than you have to come in and take us back of course again with a bunch of useless post having nothing to do with topic.

you keep telling me to debate, who am i suppose to debate and why am i suppose to debate? i started a topic for discussion hoping i would get to hear what people thought about the topic which is a conspiracy theory but there are people not posting about what they think, they just are saying i want evidence that this conspiracy is real. also this thread hasnt even been open 1 day yet so why dont we let some peopel get involved

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