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Re: New World Order

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
thats what he said he would do, immiediately bring home the troops, instead he sent more. yes i would bring them home, only more problems with our national security will arrise by staying in the middle east, our meddling in the middle east is what started the whole problem to begin with.
First off, he said he was going to take troops out of Iraq. That's what he's doing. He said he's going to send more troops to Afghanistan. Know why? Because that's where the enemy really is. Taliban and al-Qaeda are both prevalent and a threat over there. America finishes what it starts. Also, it would be more of a threat to national security if we gave those terrorist kikes time to build up their forces and resources. Instead, we're going to stay there and bomb the shit out of them. Like we should have done from the beginning instead of going after Iraq.

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
^where are all these smart guys you speak of, i rarely see a thread started, rarely see a post, so where are they because they certainly are not posting in these forums, all i see are guys saying they are smart coming down on the people who actually start threads and discussions. also you can tell me what im "suppose to do" but you are mistaken, a person who creates a topic for discussion is not obligated to pick a side and show proof. i created a topic for discussion in the conspiracy thread section by providing a conspiracy.
Creating a thread does not reflect a person's intellect. Just because someone is smart doesn't mean they start threads all willy nilly. Just because someone does make a thread doesn't mean they're smart. The smart people don't need to post a shit ton because they're able to get their point across with as little posts as possible. Unfortunately, this intellectual ability is undermined by individuals who do not understand what is posted. Also, the "smart are coming down" on you because your previous posts (and the posts of others, perhaps) did not meet proper criteria.
Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
the different people using the name new world order really isnt that important in the grand scheme of things, they go into detail on alot of different things, that was just the opening to establish the name.
Wait. People saying "new world order" isn't all that important, but you made a thread about a conspiracy of a new world order precisely because you were lead to believe so because people said "new world order?"

I can't take this topic seriously. "Well, Obama is told what to do by a small group of people." Yes, that is called the Cabinet. Every. Single. President. Has. Appointed. A. Cabinet. That does not mean that every President has been influenced by special interest groups. Sure, many of the Founding Fathers were Free Masons, but the Free Masons were not nor were they ever a satanic cult bent on world domination. In fact, most politicians are members of some kind of special interest group. Religion, political affiliation, et cetera. And yet, our world hasn't become a single, uniform entity. There's too much diversity and safeguards for that.

All laws reflect some ideology or another. That is not unusual at all. But not everything from a specific ideology is used. For example, we don't stone adulterers or disobedient children. Laws are made to preserve economies, protect the people, and so on. There has to be some inspiration or reason for all of this. We need special interest groups to better our society.

Or is it this "elite" that you're worried about? Well, I'm quite fond of the elite because they are elite for a reason. They're better than the peons beneath them. They have more money, power, and influence and are usually highly educated. What's so bad about being ruled by that? I mean, it's worked for the last entire human history. Oh. I get it. You're not part of the elite, so you're just upset you aren't a part of it. Probably why you're against us smart people. Now it all makes sense.
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