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Re: New World Order

^on your first reply, the longer we stay over there the more enemies we create, the more people we piss off to be recruited to al queda, we are killing innocent people in the middle east and 9 years have passed since 9/11, are entire country is in debt including the governement and we have spent trillions to go to war and are keeping tons of soldiers over seas for years.

on your second reply, i never suggested that people who start threads or post indicate intelligence, there was talk of this part of the forums being only for intelligent people and i merely asked where are all of them, i dont see new threads being made very often, i dont see posts being made very often.

on your third reply, the video was called the invisible empire, because these people are doing this behing closed doors and manipulating the world, the name is not whats important as i stated. the way it works is important.

you think that im making this thread because im not one of the elite, yea well i would have to be one of a few hundred select people out of billions to be one. you think that they know better because they have what they have and should be ruling us, why dont you move to a dictator ship if you want to be ruled, the constituion was made inorder to protect peoples liberties and freedoms from the government, it is a safeguard against the governemt which has been abused in modern times.

everything you have said in its entirety just shows how foolish you are.
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