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Re: New World Order

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
would like to first off thank miburo and mal for once again thanking a post by one of their own friends, regardless of what was written.
Yeah - right on! Couldn't possibly be that they actually agree...

^on your first reply, do we need thousands of troops to bomb and take over a country inorder to find an extremely small group of terrorists, do you even think they are in the country, do you think if we havent found them in 9 years we are all of sudden going to, this would seem more like a job for a small special ops group with a small amount of military back up, we are at war with enitre countries because a few guys staged an attack?? we didnt even do it the right way, we didnt declare war on a country, we declared war on terror and marched in.

its not our job to police the world, we cant just march into countries and force are ways upon them, we dont have any damn money, we are bankrupt and we are borrowing money and going into furhter debt to finance a war against a few guys, this is part of the problem, also how do you think we would feel if someone like china put millitary bases in the united states against its will, because thats what we did in alot of places even before 9/11.
Only part of the reason armed forces were sent to Afghanistan. The other was to remove a group that was running the country, making it a safe harbour and a training ground for terrorists groups who were responsible for a horrific attack on the USA (despite what conspiracies you may want to believe, the hijackers were al qeada). Oh... and they were horribly surpressing the masses with violent means. The problems with the attack was not the motives but rather the rushed planning and the failure to account for the porous nature of the Afghan/Pakistan border - which is largely the reason the Taliban still have major presence and the war has gone on too long.

The idea of policing the world seems a bit totalitarian, I know, but when the enemy becomes one without borders, it becomes a world problem and those with the ability to defeat these enemies must step up and do so. America is one of those nations who can. They shouldn't do it alone, but since they have a massive military, they should definitely play a major role.

on your third reply, im not really sure why policies should be kept secret, they will become public, unless the majority of people are against the policies. not everything should be private like the federal reserve, many congressmen, people of the senate etc agree, it is a seperate entity of the federal governement owned by private bankers and they can just print money, they control the money suppply which effects the economy and we can not audit them and they refuse to tell us what they are doing.
May I ask what you would do with this information?

on your 4th reply,you say they know how to keep what they have and get what they want, this is because they use there power and influence to manipulate the system, you say if we had more rockefellers we would be more prosperous, these are the people who are using abusing the system to make themselves richer at our expense. the bill of rights gives us our rights, the constitution is in place to protect us from our government abusing its power which protects our rights.
The phenomena that rich people gain power and band together with rich people and work to influence change/policy/economics/governance is so very old - what about this is so wrong? Especially in the western world where most people of affluence are self-made or, at least, have used money wisely to become more powerful. Perhaps it is easy to be angry today because of what has recently happened to the economy, but believe me, even those who are responsible will be the ones working to bring it back to a stronger position - which will benefit the country as a whole.

What makes this system palatable to me is that it isn't closed. Yes, people with less appear to have less power, but if they are driven to, they can work hard and gain access to the upper echelons. It isn't easy, but it can be done. Political leaders of today can often come from poor backgrounds (it sometimes helps with the campaigns) - the idea that these people are handpicked and told what to do seems completely unrealistic. There certainly is more at play than we see, but I refuse to believe that it is a closed system and all is determined by a select few. I see no evidence for it other than they ask for advice from their fellow political leaders and big business as these are the major players in the world.

why would i be mad, you are the one who doesnt really know what they are talking about, not me. you are the one who will not learn anything from this conversation because you arent open to the possibility of being wrong.
Ah yes - the "you are wrong and don't see it" argument. Debates would be so much better if people gave in so easy. Perhaps the true statement is that you aren't open to the possibility that one of us may be right.

Finally, I am working through that video you posted - 30 minutes in one sitting before I felt the need to shut it off. I agree with Mal's early assessment, but would like to add another point. It may change, but so far the makers of this "film" have relied on one "expert" and the rest is stock footage and snippets of documents. Of all the good documentaries I've seen, the makers tend to spread out the expertise to get multiple opinions and often multiple points of view. This work is coming across very narrowly and that diminishes its impact for me so far. (I also nearly wretched at the plea for support as if this were PBS or something... the guy came across vaguely cult-like.)
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