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Re: New World Order

i really dont care if im friends with them, i just dont think its right for them to be thanking posts that clearly are wrong in majority of it claims, which could lead to other people believing these things, unless they actually agree than i have no problem.

100,000 troops doesnt sounds like a small special ops group backed by some military enforcement, the fact is where looking for guys who are living in caves, they are operating out of caves. they are probably not in the country as we have not found them in 9 years, we are sending our country further into debt inorder to finance this war which majority did not want and still dont want. we have spent trillions on this war which has no intended timeline to end because we went in to the war undeclared in an unconstitional way.

you say we actually have plent of money, our gdp is one of the highest. how can we have plenty of money if we have the largest debt in the world, explain that? explain how a country that is consumption based is going to pay off the largest debt in the world? explain how the counrty that is consumption based with a huge trade defecit can have money?

you say you can assure that war helps the economy,you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, you say amreica produced war time goods and made money in ww2, well that is because the were not the ones fighting the war, they just manufactured goods needed by countries in war, countries fighting a war never benefit from it economically, never.

you say who gives a shit about the fed, there are so many political figures and people who want to audit it and are against it, let me ask you how many recessions and depressions have we had since it was made (in 1913 i believe), how many before, you know why we had all these economic problems, because of the fed, this is why people want to audit it, thats why people care about it, its owned by private individuals who control the money supply and keep there precedings secret.

funny that you bring up rockefeller, im studying for a test right not, pre ww1, rockefeller happens to be mentioned in my textbook, let me quote my book for you
" in the end rockefeller triumphed over his competitors by marketing products of high quality at the lowest unit cost. but he employed other, less savory methods as well. he threatend rivals and bribed politicians. he employed spies to harass customers of competing refiners. above all he extorted railroad rebates that lowered his transportation cost and undercut competitors. by 1879 he controlld 90 percent of the countrys entire oil refiniing capacity"
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