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Re: New World Order

the things i am saying are common sense, think about it and it makes sense,
he sais we have plenty of money and were fine, i say we are the largest debtor nation in the world, we have the largest debt in the world along with a hugge trade defecit due to being majority consumption based. if we are consuming and not producing how can we pay our debt off, our debt of trillions of dollars, how can we continue a war that cost trillions if we are already in debt. it doesnt make sense right?? or am i the only one thinking this and you all are thinking we have plenty of money??

he sais who gives a shit about the fed, so you dont care that private bankers have a printing press that they can use when ever they choose and the government currently allows them with out asking any questions. you do realize every dollar they print just takes away value from the dollars we already have, its a big deal when they are printing trillions, it effects our own money, thats why prices were stable for years and then all of a sudden we leave the gold standard and there is massive inflation.

Rockefeller was good at what he did because he knew what he could and couldn't do and acted accordingly (by viciously eliminating his competition in a fair, capitalist way).
my textbook-
in the end rockefeller triumphed over his competitors by marketing products of high quality at the lowest unit cost. but he employed other, less savory methods as well. he threatend rivals and bribed politicians. he employed spies to harass customers of competing refiners. above all he extorted railroad rebates that lowered his transportation cost and undercut competitors. by 1879 he controlld 90 percent of the countrys entire oil refiniing capacity"
@miburo i dont see how argueing pro life or pro choice can possibly be like for a conspiracy theory, second i am clearly the minority, everyone thinks im wrong, surely one of you can prove something wrong in this post.

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