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Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
miburo i explained to you exactly why he is wrong, if you dont think its a rational explanation than thats on you because it is a perfectly rational explanation. there are people who are going to say the economy is great, the same people who said that the real estate bubble was not a bubble. there is nothing that sais this is the truth, there are different views on the matter, im explaining to you why this is the right one and it clearly is.
Doesn't matter what other people say. Other people don't effect what he's saying, or what anyone else in this thread is saying. And you explained how he was wrong with a rational explanation? Really? I guess I missed that part.
he sais we have plent of money and were fine, i argue how can we have plenty of money and be fine if we have the largest debt in the world, we are continually running up this huge debt by huge amounts each year, how can we be fine if we cant pay it back, we are a consumer based nation with a huge trade defecit, if we consuming more than we are producing how can we possibly pay this debt back, how can we possibly be fin and have money. these are all rational thoughts as to why he is wrong.
I don't think he ever said those words in particular. He said we have one of the highest GDPs in the world. We do.

There goes your whole "He's wrong about everything" stance right there.

Also, you obviously don't know how debt works. I'll explain it as simply as possible. Let's say I have 100 dollars. I get a credit card and charge 80 dollars on it (Or hell, even 200 dollars or a billion, doesn't matter). I now have debt. Yet I still have money(100 dollars). HOLY SHIT CRAZY AMIRITE? Yeah, but that's how shit works.

Is debt a big deal? Sorta kinda. But I bet half the people you know, if not more, are in debt and do just fine. Mortgages, car payments, credit cards, etc. Yet they're still doing what they do. It's not the end of civilization as we know it if we owe some money. Cry moar about debt.

he sais who gives a shit about the fed, i say alot of people give a shit, congress tried to pass a bill allowing the audit of the fed, the fed is a group or private bankers who have a printing press and can print money without an explanation as to for who and what purpose to the government, every dollar they print takes away value from our own money through inflation, they happen to be printing trillions, this is a big deal and alot of people care, these are rationl thoughts as to why he is wrong
The federal reserve can print money without explanation whenever they want? Surely you can provide a source for this claim, good sir?

on the last thing he brought up rockefellar and believed it would be good for people like him to rule the country because they know what there doing. when coincidently i was reading in my textnook about this very same person i have this to compare to what he wrote.



this is definitive proof on the last thing but the rest are debates over economics and there are many different views, im explaining why what i said was right rationally
You harp on nothing. At best, his analogy wasn't rock solid. It wasn't all that bad either. He didn't even have to provide any argument against that, and if you take out the Rockefeller part from his reply then you don't have shit on him. He could have just said "Where is your proof that there is an elite group of people manipulating the system in an unfair way?" And you'd be stuck trying to support you claim. Which was your claim. Which logically you have to support. Instead of nitpicking at examples, try proving your actual claim.
if you cant understand my explanations than i really dont know how else to help you, i mean it really just takes simple logic to understand what i wrote and why he is mistaken.
It certainly is "simple." I'll give you that much.
and miburo, this entire time you have not given your view on anything, you have not stated why anything is right or wrong, what you believe, your views, nothing. why dont you contribute, im sure people would like to hear your views on things, i know i would.
What would you like to know? Do I buy into your baseless conspiracy theory? No. You've yet to provide me a single reason why I should even entertain the thought.

Anything else? Do I personally adhere to LN's political beliefs? Nah, not all of them. But he makes logical arguments for them. My sign? Aries. My opinion of you? Poor. Dong size? Huge. I dunno what you would want to know besides my stance on the topic of the thread (Answer: It's stupid), really. But I'm flattered that you'd take such interest in me personally.

Oh, and I'm not gay. Sorry. = )
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