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Re: New World Order

I explained how debt works so you'd see that it isn't as big of a deal as you make it out to be. Because it isn't. And you can have money while still having debt, contrary to what you were stating, as I've showed. How is that not countering your argument? It is. Don't be dumb.
miburo, you obviously dont understand any of what i said, the problem isnt that we have debt, its that we have debt and are unable to pay it back.

think of a business, it has revenues and has expenses, think of the revenues as our production and the expenses as our consumption. if our consumption our expenses are alot higher than our production or revenues than we will go into debt, if this same thing continues to happen we go further into debt and in the businesses case go bankrupt.

right now we are a consumption based country, there is a a trade defecit of billions, meaning we consume more than we produce by a number in the billions every month, so we go further into debt every month, then we also have government programs and the war which cost trillions putting us into debt.
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